Find the differences.

There is a 7 elemental differences between both pictures, try to find them.

Skin refine and clean hair in eye...

There have to rebuild the eye again, painting with a fine low opacity brush, using the same eye as a sample, the colors in different lighting.
Color correction in the makeup, the lower eye liner is too thick, and the blush application is too aside in the cheeks, and the color is pretty strong.
The skin have to being softener with blur gaussian in selected areas and add noise at the end. :)

Just a single photo of the memory of Anabel's mother.

I am honored to be able to give more clarity to the only picture of Ernestina, Anabel's mother.
In the original picture Ernestina stand beside her mother.

Headshot Refining.

I can refine your headshot in less than 24hrs!
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Background with Nature Outside Retouching.

After you select very carefully with Lasso tool the subject, you could integrate a new layer color behind, and paint details  above it, like clouds.

Portrait Retouching.

Original Picture.

Cleaning & Retouching.

Old Picture Restoration.

Rebuilding the Body.


Body and Face Retouching.

Original Picture.

Retouched Picture.

This is one of my best sample, because is not only refining the skin color, and pop out details like teeth and eyes, is correct the bad makeup and apply again soft color and build the makeup again.
In the original pic is evident the different color of the shoulder compare with the model foundation, is important to find the general body color match.
One important tip to reduce big gum appearance is put warmer color on it. (be careful too much lighting gum looks bigger).